What to Do When There’s Just Not Enough Closet Space

No matter how big your space is, we all know the feeling of just not having enough room. Stuff is easy to accumulate, and sometimes without even realizing it, we can get bogged down. But there’s hope! Check out these tips for keeping these common household items totally organized, freeing up your headspace to focus on more important things.

Storing Children’s Toys

There are lots of storage options for toys, from toyboxes to colorful shelves. But one of our favorite ways to store toys involves incorporating them into regular living space.

Many living room ottomans double as storage units, which makes tossing toys quickly in during cleanup and keeping toys out of sight a breeze. Another option? Large, decorative baskets, which can add a earthy touch and a sense of warmth to your living space.

In the case of toys that are more aesthetically pleasing, why not give them a feature? Store attractive toys to shelves and put them on display. This can be a great alternative for toys like wooden blocks and board games, which can add a fun and adventurous touch to more conservative bookshelves.

Storing Jewelry Creatively

Jewelry can range from valuable and beautiful to more trendy and fun, but it can also get tangled up extremely easily. The obvious solution? A jewelry box. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, a sculptural element can provide an interesting way to display your pieces.

Figurines can serve as cool ring holders, while bottles and dishes make great catch-alls for bracelets and more. You can even find specially created ceramic shapes designed to feature your jewelry in its best light.

Storing Tools

Need a solution for that overflowing tool kit in your garage? Think vertical.

Pegboards can be purchased for very little and your local hardware store, and they can serve as a great storage solution for your hammers, saws, and more. Most importantly, displaying your tools on a pegboard keeps you from having to do that awkward shuffle through every tool you own to find the one you need. With your tools easily accessible and on display, you save time and even space.

Low on wall space? Arrange your tools on a few horizontal pegboards, then stack them on top of one another.

Running low on space despite these creative storage solutions for items around the house? We’ve got you covered with a secure storage solution.